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This plant is not only among the greatest healing plants of our planet but is considered by many as the queen of herbs.

Dalmatian sage
History of the Sage

Learn why the ancients considered it a holy plant, it’s benefits, usage and why sage was influential to that extent.

Healing properties of the Sage

Modern scientific researches only confirms its multiple use purposes and justify the status it had during centuries.

Quality of the Sage

The manner in which plants grow is very important for their ultimate quality and chemical composition.

The origins of the Sage

Discover the motherland of the Sage, the place where one of the highest quality sage on the world is growing.

Interesting facts about Sage

Did you know that Sage is one of the rare plants with the ability to remove negative energy from space?


Immortelle effects

Thanks to its chemical composition, Immortelle has different effects which can help us heal from many health problems.

Immortelle application

Thanks to synergistic effects of its substances, Immortelle can have a wide range of uses on different types of problems.


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